Are you tired of watching other virtual assistants land clients while you’re still struggling?

Do you constantly ask yourself:

  • Why are other VA businesses busting at the seams while mine is growing slower than a snail’s pace?
  • What do they have that I don’t?
  • Why aren’t clients lining up for my services?

I've been there.38060131_s

Listen, I’ve been a virtual assistant for almost a decade. I’m on the cusp of breaking the 6-figure barrier. But it didn't happen overnight. 


Because I did not have the support and guidance I needed to take my business to the level I wanted it.

I didn’t have a mentor.

Most of what I’ve done in my career has been self-taught. Google has been my best friend when I need help.

It wasn't until I began working with coaches and mentors that my business blossomed.

I’m sure you’re wondering, what exactly does a mentor do?

A mentor provides:

  • Guidance
  • Support
  • New ideas
  • Systems and strategies
  • Accountability
  • An objective look at your business

33450890_sA mentor is someone who’s already been there, done that.

I’ve made the mistakes, learned lessons and it’s my job to stay current on changes in the industry so that I can help you continue to flourish.

Anyone can hang out their shingle and call themselves a VA. But it takes a dedicated person like you, who knows and understands they need to invest in themselves in order to grow.

So if you’re tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere, then it’s time for us to talk.

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